Plans & Permits

Builders Looking at  Floor Plans

Our architects and designers who specialize in Residential (Single and Multi Family), Commercial, Retail (Tenant Improvement), and Industrial
projects, take on the process of designing plans and working with the designated jurisdiction (city) up to ready to issue permits. If you have a
vision or project in mind and you are ready to discuss it, contact us here and we will take on the responsibility from vision to project to permits.

Areas of Service

We are an online service, however, we provide in person meetings and site visits to the following counties in Southern California including cities within the counties listed:

Los Angeles
San Bernardino

The remaining cities and counties throughout the United States will be dependent on online services, whether it be zoom interactions with clients and online submission to the designated jurisdictions for a permit. Most jurisdictions now only accept online submission to their portals. If you are not sure how your city accepts plans and issued permits, we can find out and provide that info to you.


When we receive a message or request for consultation, we will reply and provide free of charge consultation. Once you are ready to commence the process, we will send over a contract for your execution. Both property owner and and contractee must initial and sign the form provided and both parties are responsible to abide by the contract terms.

Fees and Payments

Upon readiness to start a project, we can provide a quote free of charge over the phone or email a brief form with that info for the reference of the project owner. Fees vary project to project as well as the complexity of the permit process. But not to worry, our designers are also code experts and therefore, have a well understanding of general building codes. Per the project and jurisdiction we usually divide up the fee to payments, each of which falls within a phase of the project. As for the payment methods, we accept online/electronic transfers via your bank, Zelle and Paypal. Payments must be made on time when we advise, or else we will pause the work, wait for the payment in order to resume.

What is Included and What is Not Included?

Architectural Plans, Title 24 Calculations. We can also provide Structural work but it depends on the scope of work. We can let you know once we are introduced to the project. We do not provide Soils Report, Survey, Grading Plans and any other legal document required by the jurisdiction. We can refer any of those consultants to you, but you would have to have individual contracts with them.

Once all plans and documents required by that jurisdiction are complete or at least ready for submission, we will submit online or in person, depending on the location. Once corrections are issued that pertain to our work, we take care of the corrections up up until the plans are approved and permit is ready to be issued. We are not responsible for the corrections of any other consultant that is not included in our contract.

Meetings between one of our assigned Designers / Architects are included to present the design to the client as well as site visits to observe and document measurements. We provide in person meetings, site visits and jurisdiction visits to the cities and counties listed above. For jurisdictions located outside of the list, we only provide a 1 time site visit to document necessary information and visits during and after construction to document the results. In the contract we will request access in both cases to gather the info we need. We include up to two design changes by the client during the design phase. These changes include alterations to floor plans and elevations, as well as materiality or color. Additional alterations will accrue a design change fee and this number will depend on the type and scope of the project.


We accept projects on properties that are already purchased and have owners who we can have agreements with. The title of the property must be under their name.

We do not accept cash or check payments.

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